Friday, 16 February 2007

Last Nights Party

I was in bookstore the other night and I came across a photographer called Merlin Bronques. He publishes his photography from the NYC club scene in a book called ‘Last Nights Party’.

Apparently it is actually quite a popular book. It is a little darker and hardcore than our target but it would be interesting to have either people submit images from their parties or we could commission a photographer such as Merlin (possibly a combination of submitted & commissioned) to do something similar but in the world of our man. We could then look at publishing a high-quality book (subtly branded) and sell them. Recipes in the back of-course.

Book Description

If you missed last night’s party, here’s your VIP pass to New York City’s deliciously sexy club scene.It’s a voyeuristic spin with today’s downtown demimonde, where hipsters, rockers, celebrities, and drag queens meet and misbehave with unabashed enthusiasm. Bared flesh, intertwined tongues, and de rigueur attitudes are all captured by Bronques’s lens in photographs that are fresh, fun, and hot. If this is your scene you may find yourself here; if not, welcome to the best party in town.

About the Author
Merlin Bronques is the controversial nightlife personality behind the web site who believes that photography is more rock and roll than rock and roll is. He lives in New York City.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Looks really interesting. What brands do you imagine this could work for?

17 February 2007 at 14:20  

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