Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Google Mapvertising

With the launch of Google Maps and Google Earth earlier this year has come a new opportunity for communicating with consumers. Mapvertising, although only in its infancy, has exploded as a medium. Its open source nature means that anyone with a bit of coding know how can create their own layer to add to the maps that Google provide.

Ideas already on the web include a real estate website called Nestoria which allows property hunters to view all the properties in their area at in the context of where the nearest pub is, where the schools are and what their grades are like.

Other functional uses are as restaurant guides and courier package trackers.

More entertaining uses for Google Maps are the Sopranos site which is an amazing of bringing the gritty world of New Jersey to life and the recent Miami Vice site to support the launch of the film.

Mapvertising is growing at an alarming rate. To see the latest ideas visit Google Map Mania.


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