Thursday, 26 October 2006

Maker's Mark: Direct Your Dip

This is absolutely brilliant.

Maker's Mark have created a microsite allowing you to make you own mini film based on a range of genres. Read the blurb below for more. But make sure you give it a go on the site which is here:

"This is a fully integrated campaign, with a huge interactive component, that includes a special 16-page feature section in the November issue of GQ magazine titled, "25 Greatest Movies - Style with Substance." Maker's Mark will be running a four-page ad unit to create conversation the Maker's Mark way. In addition, the brand will be running lots of banner ads on various movie-related sites that have a high index among our core adult consumer. These sites include:,,,,, and (GQ's site). The campaign will run from October 22 - December 31. The campaign will deliver 31,512,758 impressions over the two-month period.

Furthermore, the link to the site will be sent to all 330,000 Ambassadors via Bill Mail. This will be sent the last week of October, prior to the GQ issue hitting the newsstand. The idea is to give our Ambassadors a sneak peek. We also know that our Ambassadors love to share cool stuff about the brand, so this will certainly be one they'll share. Think about it, if half of our Ambassadors sends it to 5 friends each, that's 825,000 brand messages. We are also doing events in Washington D.C. and Austin featuring one of the top 25 movies. Maker's Mark collectible posters have been created for these events."

A screen shot from my directorial debut and its supporting poster are below. Needless to say the film will probably win an Oscar or two.

Thanks to Gareth Brown for sharing this. I'm sure we'll see some excellent press coverage and very dodgy videos!


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