Monday, 12 February 2007

Absolut Pears UGC


"Next in the ever growing family of Absolut fruit flavors… PEAR. And this time they are selling it with some gorgeous videos of things being blown up… from apples, espressos, watches, donuts and more… (see videos below). Apparently this is the Absolut Temptation."

What's really cute about this is the way they provide bloggers with all the tools required to make this go mega viral.

One of the other cool things is the way the let you create your own temptation video... I'm sure this could get a lot more sordid!

Another great way of showing what a brand's global website can do as well as highlighting that spirits drinkers, shock horror, do use the internet. I think this would have been better had Absolut let go a little bit more. But I guess with booze it's normally safety first.

Visit the Absolut Pear site here.

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