Sunday, 5 August 2007


I suggest everyone who works on our US business has a look at Thrillist's site and signs themselves up for the Thrillist newsletter.

Here's their spiel:

"If you're lazy, just read the bold print.

We're a free, daily email

Each weekday, we'll send you one email filled with targeted, relevant information about stuff you actually care about. Becoming a subscriber won't cost you anything. Not now, not ever.

We only cover what we like

We don't write reviews. That would require us to tell you about things that suck, which, while potentially funny, would be a huge waste of your time. Instead, we send out recommendations -- so we'll only write up things that don't suck.

We won't overload you with too much info

That's why we send out just one editorial article per day. It might be about a restaurant that serves poisonous (yet edible) fish, a rock bar that lists a "Double Shot of Jack" on its cocktail menu, or even a pocketknife that doubles as a money-clip -- an ideal accessory to carry into bars that list double shots of Jack on their cocktail menu.

We have three editions with a fourth on the way: New York, Nation, and LA

New York offers vital, city-specific info about NYC. LA does the same for Los Angeles. Soon we'll move on to San Francisco, then other cities, whether they like it or not. The Nation edition covers everything else."

So sign up and stay informed.



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