Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Brands making the most of Myspace

Recent months have seen brands wake up to Myspace's potential to offer a new dimmension to their communications.

Nike, Adidas, Honda, VW, Burger King, Wendy Burger, Lynx and Family Guy have fantastic myspace pages which enrich the brand experience.

Lynx and VW are particularly interesting as they offer a fully developed idea that acts as the fulcrum to the rest of their TTL campaign.

The VW Helga concept makes full use of YouTube by having all the TVCs on show as well as a joyride in a VW GTi with the weird but wonderful Helga. In total Helga has 100,000 online "friends" and has had her ads downloaded 250,000 times and counting.

Lynx has used the web's most popular myspacer, Forbidden, as inpiration for their latest BTL campaign - Gamekillers. The idea is to stop the evil people who hinder you being the babe magnet. It's a fantastic extension of Lynx's flirtatious campaign.


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