Thursday, 21 September 2006

Ice Jackets

The Ice Jacket is a brilliant invention that both keeps you spirits super cool and looks awesome.

"IceJackets are molds that fit around vodka and other liquor bottles that you can fill with water and then freeze, producing a vodka bottle that's encased in a jacket of ice... You can even do things like suspend flowers... and other detritus in the ice."

Thanks to Boing Boing for this.

Davis Wolf from Ice Jackets has responded to our inquiry about costs with this:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Please allow me to report the following in terms of Ice Jacket pricing and availability. The product should be available for delivery by January 1, 2007. I am taking steps toward securing a distribution resource within the UK in order to minimize oversees shipping costs. List price for the 750 ml model should come in at less than US $40.00. I have not considered what we will do in terms of Euro conversion, but perhaps we will make use of the exchange rate and simply include shipping from the UK distribution center in the delivered price.

I will save your message and be sure to place your link on the ‘insiders’ list. Thanks again for your support. More as it happens."

Thank you Davis.


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