Thursday, 9 November 2006

Remy on Chinese DVDs


"To combat the local movie bootleg market (which continues to improve in quality and sophistication), films in China and Hong Kong are being released in legal DVD formats simultaneously with theatrical screenings. The price premium of an authorized DVD has been reduced as well in an attempt to lure buyers into "trading up."

An original copy now costs around RMB 13 compared to a RMB 9 counterfeit. To offset the reduction in premium, the new DVDs are front-loaded with advertising. For instance, Motorola put an ad for their new Moto Krzr phone in The Banquet DVD.

Perhaps a modified product placement rate structure for DVDs/online video will also be considered in the future?"

It's interesting to see Remy making use of sly, innovative media. In addition their increasing use of the Centuar is noteworthy. It's a good example of making the most out of the East meets West dynamic.


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