Wednesday, 21 March 2007


The glasses above are very subtle but very cool: SAKURASAKU Glass

"It is the glass where the flower of the cherry tree blooms in the desk top with the phenomenon of the dew condensation which it occurs in temperature difference inside the air and the glass. By the fact that also the phenomenon which it occurs by the fact that you use not only shape and function is shown beautifully, in even the disturbance perhaps it becomes the important existence where the waterdrop which can be thought brings the small pleasure to usual life."

Inspired by finding some cool glasses, I've set up a glassware set on Flickr here.

The plan is to collect all the cool glassware that we all come across and add it to the photo set. It strikes me, as it probably struck Bombay Sapphire, that cool glassware can work wonders for brand experience. If we could run a competition to design the ultimate glass for Canadian Club and Ginger, or the ultimate Sauza shot glass we would get some great ideas and hopefully generate a lot of buzz.

Please send in links to cool glasses you find as comments on this post.



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