Thursday, 7 June 2007


For the unfortunate souls who have never experienced BAR, I sincerely advise you to mark it in your diaries for June 08! This year’s unrivalled professional trade show had more exhibitors than ever before, offering the widest range of products and services to the contemporary sector, and it was my personal mission to check it out!

By far the most important thing to mention is that not only were Beam sponsoring ‘Bar Talks’, seminars designed to focus on the burning issues facing the industry this year, but the global brand secured its biggest presence at BAR to date. Hosting 3 aesthetically appealing bars offering Courvoisier, Maker's Mark and Sauza cocktails, exquisitely mixed by 'Movers & Shakers', the Beam bars were constantly busy and buzzing with excitement. Result!

A deliciously refreshing Sauza cocktail still lingering on my taste buds, I was off to explore the delights of free samples, flaring entertainment and healthy brand competition. I am definitely one for presentation and impact and there were a few brands who excelled in this area, notably Effen Vodka, Innocent and Peroni, enforcing their strong brand identities in creative and impressive ways.

Following on from the recent trend in organic food comes organic vodka. I kid you not and it is a taste sensation. Brought to us by Newtons Organics Limited and launching in the UK and Ireland this summer 07, Jucifer is a truly fruity and delicious organic vodka crush made simply from freshly squeezed fruit and a splash of high-quality vodka, great for the fast approaching summer evenings!

Other brands to mention would be Bulldog Gin with its distinctive packaging and unconventional ingredients (natural poppy, dragons eye and lotus leaves!), Beefeater, who chose not to go with a traditional stand inside the arena but instead entertained the growing crowd at the entrance with their head bopping beats played from the top of a big red double decker bus, and Antica Sambuca whose colourful, vibrant display enticed thirsty and curious consumers.

A test tube taster of Jagermeister and a large shot of Parliament Vodka (vodka purified with milk) later and my BAR mission had come to an end. Fun and merriment was had by all and I would certainly recommend attending what I’m sure will be an even bigger and better BAR show 2008. If that’s possible!!

Take a look at the link below and see what you think for yourself.


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