Sunday, 5 August 2007

Spirit of the Brand

Dutch vodka brand Bong Vodka is doing something really cool... they've embarked on a fascinating collaboration with artists to design their bottles, t-shirts, packaging, music and website.

From Liquor Snob:

"This just in - we found out recently that the word "buzz" has other meanings than that pleasant feeling you get after you take your fourth or fifth drink. Apparently it can also relate to the "buzz" on the street, or what people are saying about something. We learn something every day...too bad it has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of this post.

Anyway, we just heard Bong Vodka, the Dutch booze we yelled at you about last September, is continuing its dedication to elevating art AND buzzes (the good kind) with a program called Spirit of the Brand. It gives artists a chance to get their names and work out there to be seen, and it gives you an opportunity to have your bong-shaped vodka decorated with some damn-cool art. Plus, they're looking for more artists, so if you have some art you think would look great on a bong...err, bottle...or other Bong Vodka paraphernalia this is your chance.
If you're impatient you can check out for more info, or you can chill out and read on for more details about the program below.

Spirit of the Brand is an exciting new program from Bong Spirit brand VODKA that offers huge exposure for talented artists around the world. In a unique way and with fresh and seamless integration with the brand’s existing products, artists are given the opportunity to design product artwork that will be integrated into the Bong Spirit brand and distributed throughout the country.

The four premiere bottle artists for the Spirit of the Brand program are OGI (, YOSOH (, Jason Thielke ( and Matthew Curry ( The first edition of these limited series collector’s bottles will arrive at stores and nightclubs before the end of August 2006, and will be introduced throughout Florida, Texas, New York, Las Vegas and California.
Bong Spirit gives back a portion of every sale to the artistic community by producing arts exposure opportunities such as concerts, exhibitions, and other live events."



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