Tuesday, 1 August 2006

IKEA - Everyday Fabulous

IKEA has a history of good advertising but recently they have been pulling all the stops out.

Their guerilla idea has slowly been rolling out across the world having started in Sweden and then moved on to New York, Japan is next on the hit list.

In Sweden, earlier this year, their agency, Forsman and Bodenfors, launched their award winning guerilla campaign. The idea was to improve the fabric of society by making everyday life a little better - bicycle seats were recovered in IKEA fabric, windows on trains were given IKEA curtains, the hated parking meter was given a hat to keep it warm.

"A little fabric makes a big difference"

Months later, during New York's design week, the Big Apple received an IKEA makeover of its own. It's a much more convincing way of communicating than Sears with Home Makeover Extreme Edition.

"Good design can make the everyday a little better"
New York

Within hours of IKEA hitting New York's streets the blogosphere was rife with chatter about how fantastic the idea was.

Then IKEA teamed up with Absolut, in Soho, to create this billboard that does wonders for both brands.

The idea's next port of call is Japan. In anticipation of the grand opening of the Ikea Funabashi Store (Japan), Ikea placed 14 of these outdoor showroom displays along the sides of a street in Aoyama. They are calling the showcase Ikea 4.5 Museum which refers to the size of 4 and a half tatami mats.

Fantastic below the line global creative work that can't have cost that much.


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