Monday, 14 August 2006

Smirnoff Tea Partay ad on YouTube

Check out the ad below for Smirnoff's Malt Tea beverage drink, created by BBH. It's already been viewed half a million times in about 2 weeks. Feedback seems to be that people think the ad's funny but little more than this. To read more about this have a look at this article in AdWeek.

Smirnoff has taken a comedy approach and engaged the services of white rappers to take advantage of the possibilities that YouTube offers.

Look out for a Tea Partay website and a manual coming out soon.

This blog article from the "Tea Guy" offers some interesting commmentary on this viral. In particular he points out that Smirnoff should have set up their microsite in advance of the ad becoming a hit to maximise its impact.

If anyone knows of any other alcohol brands doing something similar let me know.

Thanks to Victor Houghton and Erika Warren for this.


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