Monday, 12 February 2007

The Excitement Builds

As reported back in September, Ice Jackets are a new way to cool and present your spirits bottle straight from your freezer. Now, 6 months on, Ice Jackets are on their way across the globe following intensive tooling trials (See photos below).
We heard from Ice Jacket afficionado Davis Wolf, who said that first samples would be shipped in the next few weeks and will give us a great chance to look at how cool our bottles can get.



Anonymous Ice Jacket, Inc. said...

It is true Beam Bloggers, the Ice Jacket is on its way. Tooling trials have been completed and the performance of the first articles has been outstanding.

For the most complete and compelling understanding of what the Ice Jacket has to offer, please visit the IJ URL: While the posted assemblies feature one litre bottles and a frosted finish, for our first offering, we opted for a more consumer oriented 700/750 ml size. Due to the practical reality of production cost and our desire to roll out an easily affordable product, polypropylene in bright white was the material of choice.

The first edition of the Ice Jacket was designed to present as wide a range of manufacturer’s products as as possible, without compromising aesthetics, or performance demands. This allows us to follow up with Ice Jacket models designed to feature additional bottle shapes and sizes. And this is where things really get interesting.

Due to the exceptionally broad patent rights secured by Ice Jacket, Inc., brand owners and importers will have an opportunity to offer customized, brand-specific units without undue concern that a similar product will be introduced by the competition. And while it is true that the cost of the Ice Jacket does not fit the profile of a traditional premium or value added promotional item, we have developed a ‘Co Pack, Retail & Rebate Program’ that is as revolutionary as the product itself. Feel free to place your pre order for an Ice Jacket on line, or to reach me with an inquiry or request.

22 March 2007 at 08:23  

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