Friday, 22 June 2007

Bacardi Bespoke Bar Service

From Springwise:

Bacardi Bespoke is a service from Bacardi in the UK that brings bars to customers' homes or offices. The bars come complete with glasses, ice, equipment, expert cocktail mixologists, a portable bar and a DJ.

Naturally, the bartenders make everything with Bacardi, having created new versions of classic cocktails to incorporate Bacardi rum. Cocktail lists are personalised to a host's taste and a party's theme or vibe. In essence small-scale sponsored and branded events, Bespoke home parties are subsidised by Bacardi, so prices aren't as high as would be expected from a professional service (contact Bacardi Bespoke for details).

Spiked with a splash of tryvertising, Bacardi Bespoke is great example of what has defined as the insperience trend: consumers' desire to bring top-level experiences into their domestic domain. Product seeding combined with something consumers want -- no reason why this wouldn't work equally well for other brands and other industries. Be inspired, and get the party started!

Contact: "

Here's the content from the Bacardi site:

"Bacardi Bespoke is a prestige service for the House party generation. All those involved, from the Mixology team to the DJs and production designers, are leaders in their fields. And most importantly weve got you, our party hosts.

Bacardi Bespoke delivers a quality experience. Theres no embarrassing pazzaz or marketing spiel. We bring our cocktail party hospitality team - the best in the business, they handled backstage at Live8 and Glastonbury this year - to your space with all the gear they need... a bar, equipment, glasses, ice. Then there are the bespoke party soundtracks lovingly dedicated to cd by our world leading DJ's. Every element we employ throughout the service is the best, from the premium Bacardi Rums to our specially-commissioned bars and even the (arguably phallic) plastic muddlers.

The Bacardi Bespoke site here celebrates the House party, its history and its many forms. Within you'll find features anonymously contributed by some of the UK's finest style and music journalists, photography by Austin Harragin, artwork and graphics from the legendary artist known as Mode2, immaculate embroidery from Laura Lees and exclusive House party mix CDs by some of the Worlds most legendary contemporary DJs such as Cosmo, Rob Mello and Qool DJ Marv. We built it all, the way it should be, with love, passion and understanding, just like our rum cocktails themselves. Its a service you'll enjoy through your selected membership.

And your membership doesnt just count for a one-off cocktail party, we want to do more things together. We're already working on ways to evolve Bespoke. Your feedback and involvement is actively encouraged. Correspond through the useful 'contact us' button at the top of the screen to let us know your thoughts and experiences of the Bacardi Bespoke experience.

Enjoy yourselves here. And certainly at the parties.

“It was wicked to be served cocktails while hanging out with friends in a relaxed atmosphere”
Felix Buxton, Basement Jaxx"

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