Thursday, 14 June 2007

Facebook Backlash

Some people are fighting back against the widgetisation of Faecbook.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!! WHAT ELSE ARE THEY GOING TO ADD TO FACEBOOK! Horoscope, Top Friends... and blah blah blah! I was satisfied with running into friends that I haven't seen in years (since elementary school) and seeing how they were doing. FB got wayyyy too much stuff going on. I feel like they are OVER DOIN IT JUS A LITTLE BIT!"

"I agree completely. It's getting way too fucking involved. Food Fights, Fortune Cookies, where the hell is the goddamned Sex Toys application? It might be the only one I'm interested in...oh well, just bitching because I'm not awake yet... :o)"

"clearly, it is trying to draw farther into myspaces my market by adding more personilization to a page, which, as far as i can see, is the only benift to myspace."

"I totally agree. Facebook should read the google story. facebook will lose all of us if they dont stop shoving these things down our throats!!"

The commment about sticking to the google model is really interesting. Afterall the simplicity of Facebook was its biggest selling point. But having said that applications are definitely not being forced down people's throats. They have added some much needed connectivity and personalisation to facebook setting it up to be the definitive catch all portal. Probably a good idea for Facebook to take heed of some of this feedback though.



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