Thursday, 22 March 2007

Mingle Now

Mingle Now was chosen as a partner by Anheiser Busch as their social network alternative to Facebook and MySpace owing to underage considerations. This is from Organic:

"Anheuser-Busch chose MingleNow, with a mere 300,000 members, as a partner to develop Clink, an unbranded photo-sharing site showcasing the bar scene. Why MingleNow? For one thing, there are too many underage members on MySpace and FaceBook."

Here's the email I got when I signed up:

"Welcome to minglenow! The social network that connects your online and offline life. MingleNow connects you to the bars, clubs, and events you go to and the people who go there. Take a look at your favorite places and see who else hangs out there. Find new places you didn't know about that match your vibe. Come see where your friends will be this weekend!

Below find your login and password. Look for another email with information on what's happening on minglenow and the things you can do!"

Here's my fairly limited profile below:

The idea with Clink seems to be that you are encouraged to upload images of you clinking your beer with a friend. For more on clinking, visit the Here's to Beer site.

Bespoke, niche social networks offer brands a chance to develop campaigns with a more focused approach that appeals to individuals. What Mingle Now seems to deliver is a link between advertising idea, the on trade and consumers.

To see some in depth commentary on Mingle Now... and there's a lot of it... click here.

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