Monday, 25 June 2007

Dom Perignon

From LVMH via Notcot:

"What drew me to this project was my love of Dom Pérignon. "My vision of the brand Dom Pérignon is very much about luxury. It's about the finest champagne that you can drink. It's about pleasure. It’s about enjoying yourself. It's about having fun but I think first and foremost for me, it's about having a sense of style, a sense of class and really savouring one of the great pleasures in life."

When Marc Newson decided to "reinterpret" the iconic Dom Pérignon bottle, the result was certain to be impressive: a sculptural rendition of the timeless bottle in the intense neon green the designer is best known for.

Exclusively designed to hold a Dom Pérignon Magnum, serving guests "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" becomes a tantalising and spectacular event.

Newson has kept the essence of the original shape of the bottle and added a silver version of the Dom Pérignon label. His signature is featured on the back in bright orange. Closed, the "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" measures an impressive 70 cm (27 inches).

"The design of this object belies its practicality – it is more than just a receptacle to hold a bottle of champagne. The material that it’s made of has the ability to actually insulate the ice and then to keep it cold (…). There is a very, very functional aspect to this product which could be overlooked simply because of its bold appearance."

A very limited edition, for the lucky few who will have the privilege to enjoy it, "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" is a true object of desire."

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