Thursday, 12 July 2007

Bacardi's New Emphasis on Mixing

Everyone knows Bacardi as a spirit that goes with Coke but noone really thinks of it in any other capacity. This is what the brand is hoping to address through its latest £15 million "Versatility" campaign. The brilliant TV ad (see below) broke last month and makes up part of a growing trend amongst food and drinks brands to position the product as an integral part of a wider function. For example think of the Lurpak's fantastic recent 'Good Food Deserves Respect' work (also below). This doesn't simply shout about how good the butter is, but instead makes you consider it as an inherent part of a wider experience, in this case delicious and wholesome cooking. Bacardi is moving towards this too, and has come up with a range of new serves, including three new "perfect" serves: with ginger, cranberry and soda and lime. This is definitely something to think about in terms of alcohol usage occasions.

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Anonymous Ashley said...

It's always been bacardi and coke for me but now I really think I'm going to start experimenting.

14 July 2007 at 20:49  

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